DAVID LOUDEN is a writer from Belfast, Northern Ireland.  In 2012, he released his debut novel Lost Angeles , a roman á clef story of a man flirting with suicide through a mix of drink, drugs and sex.  The following year saw Louden release Bone Idol [bohn ahyd-l]   a continuation of the story of Lost Angeles' main character, and the author's alter ego, Doug Morgan. 

2014 saw Louden receive an Independent Writer Award from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland for a TV pilot named Henry Roscoe: Detective, Sort of.  Having originally written a draft of the story for what would have been his third novel, the story was developed for a potential life on television.  In the last two years he has released two further books.  The roman á clef novella-short story hybrid White Mexicans and his first genre offering; the comic book inspired Superhero heist novel Heroes of Hollywood Boulevard .  Having garnered rave reviews for both, Louden has returned to Henry Roscoe in order to deliver it to a medium close to his heart.

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Henry O’Toole has idled away the weather-beaten days in Belfast with alcohol, pub quizzes and suffering through the ritualistic humiliations of his ex-wife Joy and her new love Jimmy.  That is until Henry loses his job forcing him to re-evaluate his options and ultimately answer the call of the Raymond Chandler “romance” of private investigation work.

With an ad in his local Tesco Metro and an almost homicidal determination to defeat the seemingly invincible local pub quiz champions Henry sees his world change almost overnight.  Soon he is sucked into a deadly realm of drugs, sex, murder and picture rounds; as curiosity becomes intrigue and danger becomes death Henry finds himself out of his depth and tangled up in a Noir landscape so dark only the true gumshoe can emerge.